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The Ranch Run
August 19, 2023

This run was designed to introduce you to the beauty of Montana's farms and ranches as well as educate the running community about the importance of agriculture and land stewardship.  

The course runs approximately 25 miles through 3 multi generation ranches as well as US National Forest and runs deep into the heart of the Castle Mountains.  It is broken up into 5 legs, all approximately 5 miles long, but the course is such that it can be ran solo OR with a team of 2-5 members.  
The leg descriptions are as follows:
Leg 1--(Starting elevation 5232...ending 5684) This leg is geared towards your beginner level runner. It's a beauty of a run along the creek and the edges of hay fields. The gravel surface is also perfecto on this leg. There are no daunting hills, but you will have a gentle climb throughout the leg (total elevation climb 452 feet). Fall colors will make this leg a treat! Total leg length...5.1 miles
Leg 2--(Starting elevation 5684...ending 6861) This leg is for those who want a challenge! YES, you will climb almost 1200 feet over the length of the leg. The climb is steady for the most part as you run into the mountains and through the silver and gold ghost town of Castle. You will get a little reprieve as the forest provides some shade and a small downhill before the final BUTT KICKER 1/2 mile hill at the end! We believe in you and when you finish this 4.8 miles, you will feel like a champ (once you catch your breath and can feel your legs again!). Team for rocks and ruts on this leg. We don't want any oil pan casualties! Total leg length...4.8 miles
Leg 3--(Starting elevation 6861...ending 7106) Hills are FUN, right!? The elevation change on this one is a BIT deceiving. You'll only climb 245 feet, BUT you'll do that over some beautiful/brutal hills! This leg opens up 1/2 way through into gorgeous high elevation meadows that the cows LOVE to hang out in. Bring your camera, because the views are amazing! This runner gets to do the last of the climbing and will hand off to their next team mate at the highest elevation point on the course. Total leg length...5 miles
Leg 4--(Starting elevation 7106...ending 5871) Hold on to your hats, cause this leg is speedy! You'll race downhill over 1,200 ft in elevation over this 4.8 mile leg. Embrace the speed and cruise to the handoff that is at the entrance of Bonanza Creek Country Guest Ranch. Total leg length...4.8 miles
Leg 5--(Starting elevation 5711...ending 5232) This leg is a runner's on a great gravel surface. It has an elevation change of -470 ft. What does that mean to's a gentle downhill (with just a few rolling hills). Your biggest challenge...4 cattleguards...but you can handle that! From the top of the last hill, you will see the historic Lennep Church, you'll know the finish line is ahead in DOWNTOWN Lennep. Total leg length...4.5 miles
Course length...approx. 24.2 miles...anyone crazy enough to attempt this course all by themselves!? You're welcome to run solo or with a team!
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